Thanksgiving in New York Plans

After driving through two straight years of snow storms and traffic jams and overturned tractor-trailors, one of which was full of Rice Krispy treats, I decided to take the year off and not leave. I think I have gone out of town at least once every month since May. This decision was made pre-engagement, possibly in the summer, so even in post-engagement, I'm sticking to my guns. David's family is going down to South Carolina, and I knew that with his film job, he would not know if he really could take off. That could mean for a very expensive plane ticket that I do not believe in, so I did not jump into the plan. Also, my pet sitters have been paid nicely by us this year, so I need to not pay that anymore for the moment.

That means Thanksgiving in New York! My sister, Kim, and her boyfriend, Michael, are coming from Boston. Here are our plans:

Kim has already given rigid instructions on how we can only buy things from the grocery store when we know what we are making. She has ordered sticky buns from WholeFoods, but was out of time on the pies at her local bakery. We will find or make a pie. Kim has pointed out that we must cook the stuffing the day before.

Katie has yet to buy the turkey thing that you cook the turkey in. She needs to go online and search for how to cook a turkey. She also needs a baster and a gravy boat. Luckily, she just picked up some pottery that she made over the summer at Mugi Pottery, and one of her strange looking pots could double for a gravy boat. That's the nice thing about beginner pottery. It could be anything.

Katie listened to the radio today about all of the flight delays that were starting because of rain, and felt smug.

Katie, Kim, Michael and David will head to Madison Square Garden on Wednesday night to watch OSU basketball in a tournament. We will drink beer in $15 seats and have fun. It is the first time for all but David to be at MSG.

David flies to SC on Thursday morning, and will take a shuttle to his Thanksgiving dinner, which is at 3:30pm. Katie thinks he is cutting it close.

On Thursday, Katie, Kim and Michael will perhaps wonder down the upper west side to see if we can see any balloons being blown up for the Macy's Day Parade. However, we will most likely be cooking. Dinner is at 4pm. We will then buy, or will do this on Wednesday, movie tickets to Enchanted, which David's friend Evan location managed. It's a fairy tale come to life in New York, by accident. Looks funny.

On Friday, Kim and Michael head back, and Katie will miss them. Aunt Janie and Win come to town to take out Amanda and Jeremy, and Katie will join them for dinner if Kim and Michael truly leave.

On Saturday, Katie will perhaps show everyone her Paris pictures, properly titled and tagged, and if she's lucky, will take pictures of her shopping purchases there. eee!