Fresh Morning Skin Care

fresh clay umbrian bar skin careWhen the night comes, I'm so longing for my delicious bed with a Tempurpedic lining and alternative feather bed, that when it comes to exfoliating, then dabbing my face with my very favorite bar of earth - Fresh's Umbrian Clay Bar Treatment - I skip it! So mystery red bumps have started creeping up on my face.

Then, when I was raving to a new friend about the Umbrian bar, she raved back, telling me how whenever she gets a hint of a red dot on her face, she dabs a little Umbrian on it, and it vanishes. So when my regular red weirdness started appearing on my left cheek, I dabbed the Umbrian on it, and the first day it went down. The second day, even paler. Third day, gone.

But this time, I did it in the morning, right after the shower while drying my hair. I really didn't even have to put it on my whole face, although I couldn't resist because every time I use it my face is...fresh and glowing. I don't use foundation on my face, so this is working, where I have a super fresh face all day! And, it does make for good holiday gifts, because Fresh sells pretty little dishes, or you could find on an Etsy search for a dish, or a super cute dish that people found in's search. I've given it for two years in a row, and I'm thinking of who can get it this year. Oh, and because it's a bar, it lasts for a really long time, as opposed to the tube version, which is easier, but you'll go through it faster. I used this to get rid of my 2-year old forehead bumps, and I still swear by it two years later.