Wedding Update: Registry Not Found

It's true. The only thing I had going for us was that we stole some time in Sur la Table at Christmas to let a very old man tell us the difference between all of the knives behind the glass case, followed by the differences between all sizes of the brushed steel AlClad pots. I'd heard of guns people got that lasered bar codes. The old man wasn't aware of it, and his manager was at first dismissive with us when he let us loose with said gun.

Well, the other manager might as well never heard of the bar code gun either, because after we gave it to him to upload into the sky, we did not stick around to confirm that all of our brain powered selections got recorded. We needed to be home for a Christmas Eve party. We depended on technology.

Dumb. Dumb, dumb, dumb. Before our save the date cards went out (yay!!), which have been trickling into people's mail boxes, from Brazil, to Ecuador, to Ohio to the Carolinas, I logged into the registry the other night while finally chilling out to watch a Netflix (Volver), and when I logged in, nothing was there. My copper fondue pot, that is only available at Sur la Table for under $100, had never existed. I did a search for it. The results gave blue links. That was it. No pictures. Just text. Don't give me text!!!

So. The registry needs to be developed. The dress needs to be dreampt about and designed by yours truly. I can feel your other questions burning through the keyboard. I will answer them all now via bulleted list:
  • Yes I'm going to design the dress.
  • Yes I am aware of some beautifully funky dresses out there, but I don't want them. I want mine. :)
  • I have not been to the fabric store for samples.
  • I have not sketched anything.
  • I did go to the ballet and got inspired.
  • The bridesmaid dresses will hopefully be from Anthropology.
  • There are only 3 girls in the bridal party: my sister (maid of honor), David's twin, my dear friend, Dental Mista, from growing up.
  • Groomsmen might wear brick red pants, thanks to a suggestion from Cupcake Mista, but David has not consented yet. Yet.
  • My mom and I want a Dixieland band, kind of like The Country Mountain Music Boys who played at my college roommate's wedding. I can't find their website, or I'd link.
  • No, it doesn't matter that her wedding was in Mississippi and that she is actually southern.
  • Yes, they play slow songs (David's question).
  • The save the date cards have been sent.
  • The contract for linen etc. rentals is being evaluated with a fine tooth comb.
  • I went over hors d'vours preferences from the caterer's list with my mom.
  • Mom called a photographer who is reported to be very nice and does not have a website because she will get too much business.
  • I have called the potential minister guy who is now a banker, possibly in the mortgage business. I've been told he is the guy to call when you need support, or help during a funeral (?).
  • My uncle, who launched a boutique wine marketing agency, is going to send us a specially selected care package of wine to try! This has called for a mini engagement party to make the best selections.
  • I am having two bachelorette parties so far. Didn't you know? It's true. It's all the rage to have as many bachelorette parties as possible (I hate that "bachelorette" is not in the Firefox dictionary!). The first party will be in Chicago, where a small group of Mistas will go to a very sheeshee shushi place, followed by dancing 80s style, or Samba.
  • I am hoping that we can have Mr. Glen of WTS Hair Designers do the hair of the bridal party. Yes, he and his wife would come up and do our hair. He is SO fun, and looks the furthest thing from a hair salon guy, and is actually a bouncer in his spare time. But man, can he flat iron some hair. He can even curl your hair with a flat iron. There's a whole post on that to come. In fact, I'll leave you with our picture, when he was curling my hair with the flat iron.

flat ironing hair with flat iron