Schitzo Thursdays, and other afternoons

Hi Mistas!
Sometimes when I disappear from this blog, I am in Facebook writing posts over there for different groups. I started a group called Home Office Collectives (notice spiffy "ad" over to the right of this post, in the new column for Sponsors). It makes me miss FashionMista, though, to not share conversations that go over there. Someday soon I will make a blog for Home Office Workers, but until then, here is a post I just put up that some of you may relate to. If you are in Facebook, and work at home or in a shared space, come join our group and play with us over there!

Here's my day in and out of the Home Office, and then I want to hear about your day:

Wake up late (8am), slow walk Gerdy in Central Park (lovely).

Shower, makeup, curl hair, suddenly it's 10am for a quickie scrambled eggs and coffee, and an attempt to make a quick Mothers Day newsletter for Katie James burp cloths.

Got to go, have a client meeting at 11am on the East side (I'm on the West) and says it's 30 min by taxi. Jump in a hybrid taxi, and learn about why the taxi drivers hate the credit card machines as we cross through Central Park into blocked traffic at 5th Avenue.

Make it to meeting on time, hair still in tact, ready to absorb and toss around ideas. Two hours later, meeting over, search for Whole Foods begins for sudden craving for their prepared foods. Return missed calls while in meeting and leave messages. Call the wrong number for finance and have a conversation that consists of insistent "Hello!"s with a random man who is not finance for 2 minutes.

Eat ham and swiss wrap on subway on way home (with other exotic prepared foods from Whole Foods). Get inside, greet all animals and feed them. Get reminder call from finance that company is staying with us tonight, then get off phone in order to design and send stupid Katie James email that will lead to no sales (sorry, had to insert self-doubt in the day).

Send newsletter and check gmail quickly. Gerdy lays at feet, waiting to go outside since that is the habit once I walk through the door. Gather up Gerdy and checks from clients, David's half of the bills, and partial reimbursement for vision appointment and contacts (YES!), and head the the dog friendly bank.

Stand in line forever, thank goodness for iPhone. Get email from someone at who got the newsletter and loved the burp cloths and dog treat bags and is doing a Mothers Day collection and requests high rez images for webpage. Hurrah!

Walk back home with minimal chicken-bone-eating by Gerdy. Put away food from earlier, look at dishes in sink with disgust, return client call but leave message, then notice the horrid moldy spots on bathroom walls. Horrid moldy spots on bathroom walls have been there for weeks. Company is sleeping over tonight. Oh dear.

Turn on Patty Griffith on iPod speakers. Scrub horrid bathroom walls walls and tub with lemon Lysol and Soft Scrub with Bleach. Pray that none got on designer Paige jeans.

Thought occurs to self that this is the day in the life of a Home Office Worker, because now I must go find high res images of products to quickly send to reporter who may or may not include in her Mothers Day Collection. Today was supposed to consist of meeting, invoicing for April, finishing Bridesmaid skirts, and making a Mothers Day email for someone else. It's 5:30pm. The day is still young.

What's your day like??