Wedding Dress Shoot for The Knot in Central Park

I got a newsflash this morning that my cousin is here in NYC for the summer, and is at doing a photo shoot today in Central Park for The Knot. Might I go down and take some family photos? Of course! Great excuse to get in a bike ride!

After getting through some morning calls and deadlines, I got on my bike and David bladed up in his rollerblades. We got to the Bethesda Fountain just as this tall, willowy figure was exiting one of the campers with people awaiting her departure from the RV, one even having a camera. I totally got shy and did not call out her name, turning to Plan B which was to have David follow them with our camera, of which he refused to do, stating that he would not be made to look like a dirty old man. By the time our bantering was over, my cousin was out of site, in a photo shoot in Central Park.

So we rode around some more, me staking out any potential photo shoot, and he bumping into a film buddy. I really did feel like a stalker as I rode around in circles around another photo shoot that I found, in disbelief that she really wasn't there. How many photo shoots can there be in one section of the park? Apparently a lot.

As we were leaving, we found her! Gliding up a path coming from her photo shoot. Here are our pictures:

This dress looked so pretty in the wind.

bridal wedding photo shoot the knot

Who's that Nerdy Girl on the bike? David makes me wear the helmet, and I was like the only one in the park with a helmet. I put my running socks on with my walking Tevas, and David told me that he's going to re-dress me after the wedding. Please. What's wrong with looking like a German Tourist?

bridal wedding photo shoot the knot

Another beauty shot of my cousin and the dress! This was one of many she had to wear for today's shoot.

bridal wedding photo shoot the knot

And for good measure, I think that this was the bridge that Patrick Dempsey and Michelle Monaghan walked across in Made of Honor, after his father's wedding, with their coffees.