I'll be on the radio tomorrow! "On the Home Stretch"

On the Home StretchThe power of social media. The power of the Facebook status! There I was, minding my own business, making some silly status update in Facebook, like "Just ate a lobster roll and stawberry milkshake and told David that the milkshake needed salt and he couldn't believe I'd put salt in ice cream..." when I got an email from a Facebook friend telling me that she has liked my status updates, and asked if I wanted to come on the internet radio show On the Home Stretch with Debbie Alan. Of course! Love radio shows.

This was actually back in July, so now it's all scheduled, and yes, is in the middle of the wedding madness. The time that I get called by the producers is on the official wedding-countdown-calendar in the kitchen. The phone system at our house in Maine is very old-school - no cell reception, wireless internet that cuts out when the cordless is in use (so Mom made that phone disappear - don't mess with a Mother of the Bride), no call waiting, and no caller ID. Since the wedding is upon us, the phone rings off the hook with updates like these:
  • Florist: "I was able to get your pink and white/pink cosmos but not sure how many."
  • Dry cleaner: "Your suit is ready for pickup, but I had to send the shirt out to Rockland to get the button sewn on. I tacked the cuff link in a bag on the wall behind the register. Shirt ready on Thursday."
  • David: "Finally, someone in Maine can balance tires. Now we can drive over 60mph. They suspected that the NYC garage figured I never drove over 60 in the City, so didn't test them that high."
  • Rental place: "I'm placing the order at noon. No more changes."

So we've had to "clear the lines" for tomorrow at 11am Eastern Standard time. And time zones are always things that I mess up, so I'm already waiting for the call - 24 hrs prior. We're going to talk about blogging (both FashionMista and ThatITGirl), its impact on me, the wedding, the new company, and whatever else they throw at me. This is my first time on a radio show, aside from when my 8th grade best friend and I stalked Bob McCay on Q.104 in Cleveland to request the Wind Beneath My Wings every night and dedicate it to each other. So this will be an experience!