Katie James Update Amidst Throws of Wedding

Where to start, where to start. This week in Maine has been so busy, and my future husband has been so wonderful letting me balance everything while keeping himself busy and driven. What a guy. Yesterday, I found him way down on the rocks in back of our house, playing with chipped away pieces of rock that he deduced were compacted sand, which is how they broke so easily. He was entertaining himself like a little kid. Here's why:

When you work for yourself, you do so to get more vacation time. Or I did, anyway. However, when your name is your company, and you love your clients, you want to make sure they are all happy and comfortable. So to stop working while two of those clients are launching and need things from you is hard. Not to mention if you yourself are launching a new company, and your new team needs things to do while you are on a honeymoon and you are building the platform for the new website, there is a kaleidescope of things to do.

This week, here's what's been going on with Katie James Pixelated:
WELLalarm released in Beta. We help with the design and SEO and social networking strategy.

Pop Judaica released in ZenCart. We transfered her website from the Yahoo cart to the ZenCart cart, and she is loving it. She is so good at it, I want to bring her onto the Katie James Pixelated team to train others in ZenCart!

Childbirth Connection
released their new report, New Mothers Speak Out, which we put together based on the previoius Listening to Mothers II design created by Columbus based design firm Integrate. We had to create the new section on the website and track results.

Mugi Pottery needed some updating and new class schedules and photos. We're going to expand out their navigation because business is booming over there, so their needs have changed. This is happening post-wedding, however!

Collective-E has a design up (behind the scenes - you can't see it), and we're filling it with content and menus. This is the new baby, the new company with Beth Schoenfeldt and Sabina Ptacin, and it has been so much fun creating this new company/website to help women entrepreneurs connect, get inspired, learn from other experienced entrepreneurs, and promote themselves.

I'm going to write some other updates - one for the wedding, and one to officially announce Collective-E. Onward!