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FashionMista readers pursue many things in life, including but not limited to the following:
  • Enjoyable and inspiring lifestyle tips to make life and home more pleasant.
  • Beauty and product tips, including hair care and skin care.
  • Laser hair removal - the series on my experience has become immensely popular with people considering it
  • Designer spotlights, where to shop, unique online gifts ideas that delight.
  • Entrepreneurial pursuits. Mista readers either work for themselves in some capacity, want to, or support entrepreneurs in some capacity.
  • Regular old lifestyle stories, to feel more connected and 'normal' if their significant other also attempted to clean the toilet with Bounty paper towels, which resulted in a new toilet.
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How to Start:
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"Katie, thank you for the opportunity to advertise my business on FashionMista! Within the first month of advertising, I signed on a new client. It's a privilege to have a little piece of real estate on this fantastic blog!"
-Jackie Nees, Integrity Office Solutions
Note: Jackie did end up working with that client, who is a loyal reader of FashionMista.