My Little Printer Family

My Little Printer Family, originally uploaded by KT Flicker.

Santa tricked me into going to MicroCenter to look for someone elses
gift, but really it was because he heard my wishes for a color laser
printer! I wanted something that I could feed address lables and heavy
card stock through, and I've sworn off streaks and other wierdnesses
from ink jets. So, the MicroCenter guy led us to this Samsung, which
apparently has better quality that an hp for half the price. It also
has a feed tray on it for the lables so that they don't have to curl
around inside the printer.

On the right is my trusty hp1300 black and white laser printer that I
bought from Craigs Lust for $100. Love it so much for cranking out
pages and a long lifespan of a laser carterage.

So now you have met my printers.