A Wine Giveaway is Coming...

red wine glass pouring - yumI love wine. I don't know about you, but I don't know much about wine. I do know that when I went to Tuscany my Junior year of college, I feel like I drank wine for the first time, even though I'd been drinking it with my family around the Christmas table for years (in college, I hadn't started drinking wine yet...just a lot of amaretto sours). Before Tuscany, wine was something that I drank and usually gave me a headache. I seemed to only like white, and I didn't realize it, but I mainly drank Beringer, which is from California.

After my Italian experience, red wine became my favorite, especially chianti. Then I worked in a french restaurant, and wine became a part of life, specifically merlots. Now that I've married David, he has brought pinot noirs into my life, and it is my current favorite. Although, I'm still prone to ordering it wrong at a restaurant by simply saying: "I'll take a Pinot," and a white wine arrives.

So it is with much anticipation that the New York based wine expert, Anu Karwa from Swirl Events, is doing a giveaway for FashionMista readers! Anu is exceedingly charming, and can do anything from serve select wines at a party for you while educating guests about what they are drinking, to giving private wine consultations about how to plan wine drinking for your party, or even helping you pick it out at the grocery store.

The wine giveaway is now happening! Click here for details.