Giveaway: Layer Cake Wine & Personal Wine Shopping/Consultation

NOTE: this wine giveaway has ended....see who the winners were.

Here it is: the dual wine giveaway! The winner will get a bottle of Layer Cake Wine, courtesy of Vintage Point, Napa's hippest new wine boutique, and a wine consultation or shopping experience with New York's savviest wine expert, Anu Karwa, owner of Swirl Events (can be telephone, so you can be from anywhere). Here's what you're vying for, and here is how to enter:

Layer Cake MalbecLayer Cake is the most delicious wine ever. Inspired by chocolate cake baked by the founder's grandparents, Layer Cake is taking wine drinkers by storm. In the words of the creator's Grandfather: "The vines," he would say, "lived in layers of soil just like the layers in Grandma’s cake; each layer bringing a different flavor." He explained the flavors and smells of the wine in a similar way, always comparing them to the layer cake sitting on the kitchen counter.

Layer Cake is represented by Vintage Point, which offers services to wineries in sales, marketing, importation and general management. Vintage Point is independently owned and exclusively focuses on winery brand and market development within the US, Canada and Caribbean marketplace in the ultra-premium and luxury price points. Their mission is to help these producers overcome the barriers they face in getting their wines to market.

Win a bottle of Layer Cake, and have it shipped to you to enjoy on a Friday or Saturday evening in the new dusk of spring. If Napa Valley is feeling generous, there may even be TWO winners of Layer Cake.

TO ENTER: Go to the shopping destination for Vintage Point and report back to FashionMista via the Comments below which wine that Vintage Point represents would you like to drink right now (if it's morning time when you're reading this, then think of this evening).
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Anu Karwa of Swirl EventsAnu Karwa is the founder and CEO of Swirl Events. Anu created Swirl Events, an in-home and corporate wine tasting party company with a fresh, hip approach located in NYC. She combined her passion for wine and bringing her friends together for memorable evenings. After earning her Advanced Certification from the internationally recognized Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) – and through her tasting experiences – she realized wine did not have to be complicated or stuffy.

Win a two-hour consultation (phone) or personal wine shopping experience (in NYC) with the owner/sommelier of Swirl Events. Get her expertise to stock up the wines your home, choose the wines for your wedding or big celebration, and any other type of food & wine pairing question you might have. If you're located in NYC, she'll be your personal wine shopper!

TO ENTER: Go to the Swirl Events blog and report back to FashionMista via the Comments below what is your favorite celebrity wine review that Anu wrote. You'll know it's a celebrity wine review because you'll see the celebrity heads on top of the wine bottle.
Get the wine reviews here.

- Leave a Comment at FashionMista with your answers to the two questions above.
- To claim your prize, I must be able to reach you. You can A). Email after you leave your comment, and tell me which comment it was. B.) Leave your website or blog, and I'll contact you via your Contact Us page or comments area.
- Deadline: Monday, April 20th at midnight (we'll be drinking Layer Cake as we finalize the results)
- Location does not matter for the wine consultation. If you live in NYC, Anu can do a personal wine shopping experience. Otherwise, she can educate you over the phone, and lay your mind at ease when it comes to buying wine for dinner, a wedding, or a party.