The Gazpacho Shake Recipe

The Gazpacho Shake Recipe, originally uploaded by KT Flicker.

I think every summer I pull out the gazpacho fixings, but really, it's
for any time. Here is a great, mini-version of the gazpacho that is
great brain food at any time of the day - breakfast, lunch, fresh

Use the Rocket Blender. We got it for our wedding. AmAzing.

Slice half a carrot. Put it in the blender cup.
Slice a quarter green pepper. Put it in the blender cup.
Slice a quarter cucumber. Put it... Right.
Slice half or quarter tomatto. Put it in the blender cup.
Opptional: put some fresh spinach in there for extra brain power for
Cut a lemon in half and squeeze it into the cup. If you have one of
those lemon or orange squeezers, use that. Lemons are also good for
your skin and ph balance if you've had too much coffee.
Dash some salt on the top.
Pour about a teaspoon of olive oil. Good for your shiny hair.
Drizzle a bit of white wine vinigar or white wine vinigar in top. If
you like it really tart, than use more. I just use a little to accent
the flavor (too much of it makes me flushed in the face).
Screw the top on of your Rocket Blender.
Blend that sucker. Shake it up and down a few times to help the
carrots get blended.
Let it blend for about 2 minutes.
Put it into a pretty juice glass, and you've got a gazpacho shake that
you can drink!