Embracing the Male FashionMista

Welcome male fashionistas. You have earned this term, and therefore, I'm handing this blog over to you. This blog has been around for a while, focusing mainly on fashionista and lifestyle stuff, like when I interviewed emerging designers, tracked laser hair removaldesigned my wedding dress, and got ready for my daughter Ruby Ray's entrance into...her cool room to say the least.

In 2005, FashionMista was a word I made up to mean "fashion mouse". Since then, it has become a word that means "male fashionista". And that makes sense, and it's creating a lot of great visual and content to play with.

So it is from a humble place, I bid farewell to the blog I knew, and hello to its new set of archives focusing on male fashion, hot culinary spots, and let's face it because I can't ignore it, some cool fashionista fashion too if you don't mind.

This might be my first editorial board. I know - they look preppy here, but they were in dress rehearsal attire in Maine for our wedding. From left is my filmmaker brother TJ who can get a bit hipster, then David's friend Evan who can sport some punk style at times, then David, and then David's brother in law Jim who is an open metrosexual and shops for jeans by the two dozen at a time.

PS: I'm married to a sports guy who lives Ohio State Football. He wears Blundstones almost every day, and won't wear any other slightly pointy or hipster shoe I force him to try on. I just bought him argyle socks with mustaches on them. Not sure that he noticed the mustaches. So, you'll have to help me out a bit while I assemble a team of real FashionMistas. He is a jacket-whore, but seems to buy the same one over and over. He's currently looking for a puffy Northface jacket that isn't too puffy because he gets hot. Maybe this is our first challenge.

This is David on a stylish day: