Camp FashionMista for Ewokian Gerdy-Look-Alike Puppies

You may have noticed that there have not been many fashion posts here lately, and that is because it is June and June means that there are all sorts of crazy plans involving going out of town, and new adventures like...housing pups! I am officially an off the rocker animal person, but it's all quite normal really. Gerdy's dog sitter had these pups, as we know, and they needed a place to stay for a little bit while Rose set up house at her house, so with David out of town at Yale, and with the new space I made in the bedroom, I invited Rose and the Ewokian puppies and their mom and auntie to all stay over in air conditioning while I work and then go to a wedding over the weekend. The cats are taking it surprisingly well, but Oliver knows he's fine with his massive claws, so he just tortures whoever tries to stare him down.

So. Here are the Ewokian Puppy Pictures

OMG. Gerdy is checking out the little Baby Gerdy. This Baby Gerdy is the leader of the pack, and super smart.
havanese ewokian puppy gerdy picture

Here are the puppies play fighting in their little pen. They are about 5 weeks old right now, and looks like baby bears.
havanese ewokian puppy play fight picture

Snuggle Muffins. All of them are snuggle muffins. That's the mom, Oolie.
havanese ewokian puppy snuggle muffins picture

Even though they are snuggle muffins, they are little escape artists. Here, they are plotting to get out of the giant pen.
havanese ewokian puppy escape plot picture

And remember, an Ewokian is a mix between a Havanese and a Pomeranian. Woa.