How to Get Nice Wavy Curly Hair with a Curling Iron

how to get long wavy curls hairIn a pinch, with minimal hair product, I created Goldie Locks curls for my friend's outdoor wedding with a drugstore curling iron. I have since replaced it with a ceramic Hot Tools curling iron which I love.

My stylist at the Laura Ouellette Salon in New Haven, CT gave basic instructions on how to get Kate Hudson wavy hair. She suggested a few main tricks about how to get long, wavy hair:
  • use a fat curling iron, maybe a silver dollar in size
  • use a ceramic based curling iron
  • curl vertically, as shown in this picture
  • curl the waves in alternating directions, so that when they get blended, or if you run your fingers through them, they will not all wave into each other.
Everything You Need for Creating Curly, Wavy Hair with a Curling Iron:
hot tools curling ironHot Tools Curling Iron: Terrific curling iron.

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crew texture cream for hold and shineCrew Texture Cream for Control and Shine: It's a man's product, but if you have bangs, this will hold and lift them. It will also hold your curl, and give your hair a better chance for good second, and even third day hair.

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aveda air control hairsprayAveda's Air Control Hairspray: A very light, aerosol hairspray.

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aveda smoothing fluidAveda Smoothing Fluid: A smooth fluid that is applied to the ends of your hair, to give a little extra shine and shape.

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Directions for Curling Your Hair

  • Long layered hair is great for curls.
  • Plug in the curling iron before you wash hair to get it nice and hot.
  • Apply Aveda Smoothing Fluid to wet hair with quick finger strokes. I use about 5 squirts. With the same quick strokes, apply a dab of Crew Texture Cream to end of hair, and to bangs if you have them.
  • Blow dry your hair. If you have frizzy, wavy hair, don't worry about officially straightening it. In fact, leave the round brush at home! Your natural curl will add to the body. Try blow drying it by holding half of my your hair in a loose side-ponytail. Try to dry hair in the same direction.
  • Take about 1/2" of dry hair and pinch it in the top end of the curling iron. I avoided pinching the very tip of my hair, which lets it be straight and funky at the bottom, and less cocker-spanielish.
  • Curl hair half way up, so that it is straight at the top. That will give the illusion of longer waves. With the curling iron, make it a tight curl at first, then open the curling iron a bit to loosen your hair from around the hot iron.
  • When done, quickly and gently apply about 3 squirts of Aveda Smoothing Fluid again.
Voila! Curling your hair with a curling iron makes for some great 2nd day hair.

NOTE: There is a difference between a nice curling iron and a cheap one. Here is the difference between the Conair iron vs Hot Curl iron. Notice the tightness and perfection of the curls. Now, it helps to curl a small amount of hair to get a perfect spiral.

Hot Tools
Look at that perfect spiral. And the grip of the curling iron is so nice.
hot tool curling iron curls
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Good curl, but too soft and round.
conair curls

If you want to curl your hair with a flat iron, here's how!