Mystery Jewelry Hint Dropped

Operation Top Secret is going as planned. I talked to David this morning, who is back in New Haven, CT to wrap out Indiana Jones 4. He was still in bed, which is a luxury for him because he's had to get up at 4am or so and talk to about 4 people at once all day. So I took the groggy opportunity to ask him if he'd gotten me any big pieces of jewelry. Oh, you need a background. You see, I want my ring designed, and through my friend Kelly Bear Mista, I have found a jewelry designer on the lower east side that looks like they can make all kinds of neat things. So here's how I did it:

Me: "David...?"
David: "Yes Katie James..."
Me: "What would you say is the biggest piece of jewelry you have ever gotten for me."
David: "Well...(sound of him rolling over) that's a loaded question."
Me: "Right. Would you say it was the silver bracelet from Tiffany's 3 Christmases ago? Or the bribe earrings from New Haven? Or would you say you have something but you haven't bought it yet."
David: "That's a big question, Katie James."
Me: "I know. Well, I'm just asking because I would say that for my next piece of jewelry, I would want it to be designed. I think that would be really fun. And I have found just the designer, on the lower east side. So, before you every get anything else, like earrings or something, I would say, that I would say, let's go to downtown and have some fun."
David: "Ok, well that's fair enough. Good to know. Very good to know."

Now. The last time I dropped a hint about a ring (I was already engaged with no ring...a silly college experiment) I declared in a parking lot after looking at a jewelry counter that I hated gold and diamonds. The guy nearly fell over. I later found out that is exactly what he had bought for me from an estate sale. Oops. Now that I've matured, that statement is no longer true. Especially now that there is a designer in the realm of possibilities.