Cute David and his funny haircut

Now that it's Christmas, and I'm home in Cleveland, I'm allowing myself to sit in front of a movie (Just Like Heaven) with my mom, and I find that the computer is on my lap, so maybe the unblogged blog posts will pour out when I didn't make time before!

So here is the first: David got a haircut the other day, and he came home, very proud of it. These are these $8 haircuts he gets from these immigrant men from Lithuania, Uganda, The Czech Republic. Usually they make him military. This time, the guy didn't really cut the top, expect in random places...

uneven haircut

But let's look at this picture: isn't David cute? This is a walking bridge next to a covered bridge in Brunswick, Maine, when we were scouting it for the wedding...which is coming up in a next post!
bute david