Wedding Scouting in Maine

Ok, so this is the very late post on the wedding scout in Maine in October. It was peak season with the leaves, a little chilly, and very crisp. Nothing is in stone yet, deposits have to be put, and a few wrinkles still need to be ironed.

This is from a walking bridge after the scout. It's pretty, so I included it.

This would be the location for the ceremony. On the left is a little corner of the house, and to the right is a yard that is owned by the neighbors, who are graciously letting us get married there. We will give them lots of champagne and cake.

This is Lurie, our caterer/coordinator extraordinaire. We're in the driveway of our house, thinking out tents, no tents, the ceremony, and walking across the street to a little club house to have the reception.

This is the clubhouse that is across the street. Inside, there is a large room with a stage, like when you were in elementary school. The catch is, this clubhouse closes up by the time we're using it, so we would have to empty out the stuff and put it...I don't remember where it's going. It's these details that I tune out on. But Lurie knows.

This is David sneaking into the clubhouse. Since it closes, it's locked, except for the windows.

Gerdy came in to check everything out. These wooden tables are one of those things we have to move out. But, those tables are traditionally used for clam bakes, which we are having the night before, but not with those tables.

This is the cove behind the clubhouse. Usually there are boats parked there, and they would be for The Day, which means only one boat rides!! If people get board, or are waiting for a mini boat ride, they could walk down a little dock that you can't see in the picture, bring their lines of string to bait, and drop into the water, and fish for crabs.

This is in the fishing town, just up the road. This is the place where I proposed to him. It was drizzling that day, so this gets to be a nice picture of that place, but without the rain, and with the moon. In case you missed it, David proposed to me later and totally out did me.

Getting a little artsy here. This is the fishing town in the review mirror of David's car.

Now that you've seen the setting, let's think hair. I'm thinking loosely swooped up. I might have been delusional this day, but it's a start.