Current Favorite Song on Repeat: Creep'in In

norah jones feels like home, creep'in inOn Friday's, I usually try to focus on one client for a really long time. Usually I do things like code a newsletter, or analyze website traffic and make recommendations. So this Friday, I bought a Norah Jones album I didn't have yet, Feels Like Home, and I'm just tickled by a duet with Dolly Parton in the song Creep'in In! This album has been in repeat for about 5 times now in iTunes, and I get so happy with the song comes on...I might need to find a Dolly Parton album to buy. The Backwoods Barbie album cover looks fun.

Get the Creep'in In on iTunes: Norah Jones - Feels Like Home - Creepin' In

Get the whole darn album Feels Like Home on iTunes: Norah Jones - Feels Like Home