New Business Venture for Me :: Collective-E


This is an adaption of an update I created for people who I know on email, and here it is now for those of you who I know via online outlets, including FashionMista Comments, and even those who don't comment, but silently keep up with how this designer quit her day job to make her dream job a reality. And let me tell you - this is a reality that has taken on its own life based on listening to the needs of and support from others.

Now that I'm back from a beautiful lifetime union, I am back in the saddle, quickly getting back into client projects, as well building that of my own new project with two other partners, set to launch Sept. 24th, called Collective-E. Some of you know about it already, some of you are coming to the launch party, and I hope more of you will be coming to the launch party and will check out our website when we officially unveil it. But mainly, I wanted you to hear about this new venture from me personally.

A few months ago, two women and I got together in order to grow an experience we shared together in a Ladies Who Launch incubator here in NYC. These two women are Sabina Ptacin, co-founder of Red Branch PR, and Beth Schoenfeldt, co-founder of Ladies Who Launch and the incubator series. We recognized, and thrived from (hello...I quit my day job to expand Katie James to include website design!) the power of a group of women and the resulting sharing of ideas, vision and strength.

Sabina, Beth and I wanted to continue pumping business strategies, online tips, PR leads and whatever else crossed our paths, to everyone we knew, which culminated in the forming of, a world-wide collective of women entrepreneurs with tools to leverage this community to exponentially increase resources, opportunities and support. As businesses owners, we recognized four key elements to creating and maintaining a successful business: business strategy, online strategy, solid PR and business branding, and Community. We are experienced in each of these areas and are working with experts in these and more areas in order to nurture ideas and build brands.

Our launch party is Sept. 24th from 7-9pm here in New York, at the woman-centered shared office work space, In Good Company (it's beautiful, btw). I'd love to see you if you can come! I know it's a little short notice, but that's ok, because we will be having other parties, events and workshops. Some of them may be member-only, but maybe you'll be a member by then. ;) To get details about the launch party, go to You can even freely participate in a "live" gift bag we are doing, that is kind of like trick-or-treat! We've started a newsletter of free PR Leads that will soon be member only, so sign up for some great leads, tips, opportunities and future offers at

Thanks as always, and maybe I'll see you on the 24th! Space is limited, so if you can only come for a bit, that's ok! David will be there as the bartender/photographer/supporter.


ps: This new venture is in addition to Katie James, LLC and all of the projects that spiral out of that!