Writing for The Go Getters Blog

Facebook. My old friendships are spreading wildly as old friends popup, requesting to be friends. I'm talking long lost girlfriends who I really didn't think I've ever hear from again, and sometimes long for the days when we had our moments of friendship.

One such friend found me: Casey. She is adorable. We went to different schools, but had many of the same friends, as she seemed to be in just about every circle. Toward the end of high school, she became my saving grace when going to our coming out ball (in 7th grade, I was tricked into participating in this...My mom asked me if I'd like to wear a big white dress at a big party, and I said "Yes!" and then I was signed up, going to dances once a year with the same people who danced with the same people...and they weren't my people...sniff sniff).

During my senior year of high school, when friendships at my school got a little funky as everyone headed to college, she and I could just hang out and do random things, like go to cowboy bars or who knows what. In fact, she now lives in Colorado. Hmmm! It's all making sense!

Then more than ten years go by, having not heard from each other, and I get a friend request from her in Facebook. Yay! And she has a blog! It's called The Go-Getters and it's all about going and getting what you want. Their motto: "If you want it, go get it". She invited me to blog on it with them, since I seem to do things from time to time, and tonight, I wrote my first post! It's on how I accidentally taught Stretching to some Harlem girls in Central Park when I really just went out to jog. They saw me stretching, something I do every day and is just a part of life, but to them, it was something new, and they wanted to try. So I did it, and it was fun. As it relates to Go Getters, I guess it was these girls getting some stretching practice, and me experiencing the barrierless sesssion.

Here's an excerpt:
"I like to stretch before the run just to keep everything flowing. I did this, while listening to some girls in the distance blaring some rap music - that they were singing. Normal for New York. A little loud for a Saturday, but that's OK. After I completed my last stretch, I hear: "Can we stretch with you?"

I looked around, but I was the only one anyone could be talking to. The girls had come down the hill and wanted to stretch with me. Was I getting robbed? Was this a sting? Was I going to turn my back, and their boyfriends were going to get me? I have gotten accosted before in Central Park, but that was at night when I was alone because Gerdy was snooping in the woods. But I played along..."

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