Wedding Pictures of The Day

Hi All. Below are pictures of The Day by friends (including this graphic designer), as we await photos from the photographer. I tried to get full pictures of The Dress, but on The Day, forgot all about it and didn't make sure to get these angles.

My girls and I vowed to have and keep our own schedule on The Day, and not get swept up in other people's to-do lists. We only had one "sneak-attack", as my former colleague Kelly Bear Mista and I call them. This refers to a mega-important job that is not in the schedule, but needs to be done now. This was the table assignments. It is documented below. And now, I give you, a lot of photos:

Prior to The Day, the largest amount of think time was into how the tables would be arranged in this Casino, which isn't a casino at all, but barn-like structure that has housed numerous parties, lobster bakes, and talent shows since the early 1900s. See those orange glowing balls? Dad has just hung those. They are China lamps that he surgically cut in order to envelop the real lamp globe that hung there. Up for debate was the type of tape he needed to serve as a seam.

The Men. That's my dad, his brother on the right, and David on the left. Godmother Mista had emailed, re-emailed, printed and sent a table arrangement she arranged in Excel to accommodate my mom's vision of No Round Tables. Mom wanted slanted long tables, 3 at a side, so that everyone could comfortably talk to each other. This chart was run past the other brother of my dad, who is an architect and worked on the Pentagon, and Godmother Mista's friend who was a top wedding planner. Both said that the plan was executable. The Men do not agree and are stumped as to what to do. In the end, the Excel arrangement was 100% accurate.

The Men are back at the Planning Table, planning. I think they are deciding on how much alchohol to buy, and are researching how much fits into a glass per hour. This is despite the fact that I had a list from the caterer. It appears that Brides have no say in matters.

This picture of Dental Mista and me was taken on Friday of the 3-day wedding weekend. It is midnight, and we've had Christmas Cove's famous Whale's Milk, which is as you expect: delish and potent. We have realized that we are but delightful pieces in the wedding, and have no control. It didn't look like people were leaving the bar yet (the only bar in Christmas Cove, which is where the wedding was), and we are collapsing. I had just said to her: "I think we're here until the cows come home." She responded with: "Where are the bleepin' cows?" It was a moment. ;)

The day before the wedding, I was not needed for the setup. So, we took to the car and went shopping. On the left is my sister, South American Mista (she's leaving for Argentina shortly after the wedding), and New Mom Mista.

I include this photo to show what it looked like most of the time for David and myself when we were together. We weren't together very often because we were like butterflies among our sides of guests. When we got together to say hi, the Paparazzi would arrive. In the picture from left is my grampa, David's dad, David's youngest sister, and David's oldest niece.

The night before the wedding, David stayed the night with his sister's family in a rental next door to our house. This house has a porch that overlooks our yard. Apparently, he tried to spy on me, but I was nowhere to be found. Dental Mista and I went on a peaceful walk to Smelly Beach (a beach of seaweed and rocks) with Gerdy and coffee. Dental Mista was preparing for Ramadan by kicking her caffine addiction, but I begged her to have coffee for this wedding weekend, to maintain both of our moods and sanity.

We returned from our walk, and into the sneaky sneak attack. Godmother Mista is on the left. My mom is carefully finishing her seating assignments on the right. Godmother Mista became Fraunk from Father of the Bride, and was basically a drill sergeant to keep the whole thing on time. She left the reception site setup to get the seating assignments from my mom, and there were holes in the assignments, and we didn't really know who was not assigned. The Girls and I postponed our appointments with ourselves to do our hair and nails, and swooped in to finish the job.

Film&Finance Mista, who I have changed to Bright Eyes Mista (blond in white shirt), was our adopted sister in the house, and basically assumed a roll of bridesmaid. There are several systems going on in this picture, and Bright Eyes Mista has taken over. In the back is Dental Mista, who remained in horrified disbelief that this was not done yet. No matter. We flew through it in a Cone of Silence. No one was allowed to talk to us. David's niece is far right, threading table numbers onto people's names. These all had to be individually cut. Woa is right. It was intense.

Finally we are getting ready! Dental Mista curls my hair as I prepare my nails. The coolest thing about this part was that there were two open windows in front of us, and the day was particularlly windy in that mysterious way. So, the winds of change blew on us throughout this process.

David's adorable sister, Dayna, and a bridesmaid. How cute is she! The bridesmaid's outfits and my dress were my big contribution to the wedding, and are Katie James originals (designed by me). I got a bridesmaids outfit for myself because I liked them so much.

My sister decides to get ready in front of the mirror, and the tub is in her way. She is determined.

Some of The Girls. Before this picture, they were all scrutinizing something on my face. Could have been a mosquito bite/zit.

Meanwhile, outside, we hired some young people to help us set up chairs and such. This is Michael and his friends. Michael is a volunteer fireman while his friend is a lobsterguy.

This is my Nana and her beau, Bill. The house where we had the wedding is one that has been in her family for generations. This yellow house is that of our neighbors, who let us use their yard, as well as their hydrangeas.

This is the 8-page program that was chock full of information about the location, the families, and the seating chart (so it had to be right!). Mom made the Katie James Twitterpaited desktop background the theme to much of the wedding, which was actually originally created for Reel Invitations's website.

Cue the precision timed walk down the isle music - Pachabel Cannon in D. Godmother Mista will have to weigh in with what version she found in her extensive classical collection.

This is David, his brother-in-law and best man, and my brother.

David's twin sister.

Dental Mista.

My sister.

David's neices of his youngest sister.

Lexa, David's niece of his oldest sister, and escort of Gerdy, who bears the rings around her neck in a Katie James jewelry pouch.

That's me and my dad.

The Cocktails on the Porch party. We were taking pictures around the corner the whole time.

Gerdy's either being really good, or someone just told her about a Cookie.

See Gerdy on floor. She came with us to the reception - on her own choice - and slept at the feet of everyone the whole night until dancing started, when she was escorted home. xo

Jam on the left, made by a couple in the area, a buckey in the box, made by my aunt, and the stellar table cards on bottom.

What a stud.

Our favorite picture of the wedding. My dad dancing with Dental Mista. More like tangoing/marching her across the room.

These are the pictures, my friends. Sorry to end abruptly, but I'm doing this at night, and it's 2:15am! And my brain has finally shut down. More pictures may come if they are different enough, and if new ones come from the official wedding photographer. Thank you for looking, and happy weddings and marriages to all!