Home Office Lunch Recipe: Chopped Salad w/ Croissant and Swiss

David and I went on a little lunch date to some fun french restaurant on Friday, and ordered soup, and split a cobb salad. This cobb salad was $14, so it's a good thing we split it. But, it put me over the edge to finally make my own salads! As easy as salads are, I never do them because of the time involved in prepping everything - chopping, wiping, eating. However, this cobb salad had everything nicely chopped and served in little sections on the plate. I figured I could chop some vegetables and put them in some Tupperware the night before. So here's a delish lunch recipe:

1 red pepper
1 red tomato
1 avacado
1 croissant
two slices swiss
sprinkle of pine nuts
sprinkle of blue cheese
dash of salt
1 package mixed green (I used Dole brand)
dressing: optional. I just squeeze a lemon onto the whole thing.

Time to make: 5 minutes
Time to prep: depends on your ingredients and how you grocery shop. I live above a grocery store, and order things online for delivery through Fresh Direct. ;) Actual cutting time of the vegis could be 20 min, which includes cleaning time.
Servings: 3 salads

Chop the red pepper, tomato and avocado into little squares. Put them into a Tupperware container, or Glad square thing, but keep them in their own little groups. Have a package of pine nuts in your cupboard, and a hunk of blue cheese in your fridge, for continued re-use.

Slice the croissant in half. Place the swiss cheese on each half (if you are hungry, otherwise, eat one half). Place in the toaster or oven on low heat. You can easily over-toast the croissant.

Meanwhile, on a plate, take a fist-full of mixed greens. This container of mixed greens should last you for 3 salads. On top of that, sprinkle from your chopped vegetables. Don't use all of the vegetables. You will use these over 3 salads. Sprinkle on some blue cheese and pine nuts. Add a dash of salt. Dressing is up to you.

Take your croissant out of the oven and place it on your plate. Tell yourself you are out for a swanky lunch at Fast in French in Charleston, SC, and enjoy!