Not Gonna Lie, This Republican Mista Voted Obama

Voted Obama - here's why
Here's why:
  • As a small business, I am taking a little leap of faith that Obama is not going to gently force me to pay certain things for the greater good. I enjoy paying people, working with others, and helping others reach their dreams and do what makes them happy every day.
  • I don't like the $250K cap, and even though I am currently under that cap, I long to be above that cap and beyond. So if there has to be a cap, I'm more comfortable with $5 million.
  • I think he's a more effective leader. I not only think it, but I see it, here and abroad. How we are viewed aboard is important to me.

The first time McCain ran, I forgot to vote for him in the primaries. I was in South Carolina, and in college, and plum didn't see the value in it. Big regret. So when McCain started running again, I was excited. However, my excitement has led to shock and awe, as I've watched his campaign unfold. He seems to have very little control, and does not like to take responsibility. This reasoning is based on interviews I have seen him in, not opinion pieces. The most recent example is when he alludes to his 5,000 "top advisers" during a Larry King interview, when asked his opinion on Palin going rogue. He insinuated that he had no control over what they said. I was on the fence for a long while, up until the day he postponed his campaign in order to save the economy. His flagrant disregard for the millions of dollars and effort spent in MS scared the daylights out of me. I felt that we have a president, and a body that is supposed to make decisions. Therefore, his need to be a public super hero did not impress me. Since then, he has seemed to make quick, irrational decisions. Therefore, I feel uncomffortable trusting him with my money and future business growth.